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There are currently no scheduled seminars for the next 30 days.

Spring 2018 Friday@4 Seminars

Held Fridays @ 4 in Room 584

There are no Friday @ 4 seminars scheduled yet for this semester.

Faculty Profile

Molecular mechanisms of viral replication, host interactions and oncogenesis
Biology of plant pathogenic bacteria, tropical plant pathology
Biology of human bacterial pathogens in association with plants
Plant responses to pathogens; molecular basis of plant disease resistance.
Diagnosis, biology, and management of fungal and other pathogens of potato and vegetable crops in Wisconsin
Plant fungal interactions - Molecular mechanisms of host resistance - Programmed cell death
Urban Ecology and Turfgrass Management
plant-soil-microbe interactions, agroecology, climate change, mycorrhizal fungi, community ecology, microbial ecology, sustainable agriculture
Nematology - Population ecology of nematodes with emphasis on nematode pests of agricultural crops and nematode-fungus interactions causing plant diseases.
Etiology and integrated management of diseases of fruit crops
Plant virology - viral translation control, viral replication, and plant virus resistance
Plant disease ecology and epidemiology
Organic fruit, vegetable, and field crops production
Epidemiology and Management of Field Crop Diseases