Professor Jeri Barak of Plant Pathology, Professor Russ Groves of Entomology, and Plant Pathology grad student Jose Pablo Soto- Arias were featured in the Fall 2014 issue of Grow magazine.
Cherries at the Sturgeon Bay Ag Research Station
Aurelie Rakotondrafara and Jincan Zhang won the 2014 WARF Innovation Award.
Cass, a 1st grader, holds a diseased tree at Family Horticulture Day.
Growth distortions and greening of flowers associated with an aster yellows phytoplasma infection of gladiolus.
White, ghost-like discolorations on gloxinia petals associated with infection by tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV).
Prof. Amy Charkowski sorts organic potato varieties for shipping.
Severe pear scab on pear fruits.
Cedar-apple Rust (Apple)
Cytospora Canker
Brooke Weber prepares soil for an alfalfa Aphanaomyces euteiches race test.
A fruiting jelly fungus in the Guatemalan cloud forest (Biotopo del Quetzal).
Plant Pathology doctoral student Renee Rioux studying coffee rust n a field course in Guatemala.
Kevin Cleveland, Antigo Harvest and Grading Day.

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Molecular mechanisms of viral replication, host interactions and oncogenesis
Biology of plant pathogenic bacteria, tropical plant pathology
Biology of human bacterial pathogens in association with plants
Plant responses to pathogens; molecular basis of plant disease resistance.
Control of pathogens important for seed potato production and certification
The development of and use of statistical tools to address complex problems in the agricultural, environmental and biological sciences, focusing especially on spatial statistics.
Diagnosis, biology, and management of fungal and other pathogens of potato and vegetable crops in Wisconsin
Mycology - necrotrophic fungal pathogenesis
Urban Ecology and Turfgrass Management
Nematology - Population ecology of nematodes with emphasis on nematode pests of agricultural crops and nematode-fungus interactions causing plant diseases.
Etiology and integrated management of diseases of fruit crops
Plant virology - viral translation control, viral replication, and plant virus resistance
Plant disease ecology and epidemiology
Organic fruit, vegetable, and field crops production
Epidemiology and Management of Field Crop Diseases