To Eat or Not to Eat: Students Use Interactive Case Study to Learn about Global Food Security

With assistance from DoIt staff, Plant Pathology Associate Professor Jeri Barak has developed a web-based training tool for her PP 311 course on Global Food Security.
To Eat or Not to Eat lets students role-play as a columnist for an international newspaper.  Their goal is to understand the multiple perspectives behind the humanitarian hunger crisis, the role GMO (genetically-modified food) may play in the conflict, and to consider options to avoid it. 
The columnist in the study flies to Malawi in Africa and conducts in-person and phone interviews. 
The study walks students through interviews with:

  • a doctor at the feeding camp
  • foreign and local  Commerce Ministers
  • a local Agricultural and Food Security Minister
  • a scientist
  • a Greenpeace volunteer
  • a plant breeder

After each segment, the student reflects on the information he or she has heard.
At the end of the study, the student prepares a research notes outline summarizing the conflict, positions, underlying interests, and proposed solutions.
To learn more about Professor Barak, visit her faculty profile and her faculty lab website.
Screen from To Eat or Not to Eat