Undergraduate Hilldale Scholarship - Quinn Watson

Picture: Quinn WatsonCongratulations to Quinn Watson and the Smith lab on their recent Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship

In the coming summer and fall term Quinn will be studying sulfur's effect on alfalfa and its common root pathogen, Aphanomyces euteiches. Currently there is no control against A. euteiches as a pathogen besides crop rotation and the use of cultivars of alfalfa that are bred for resistance. However, increasingly more virulent strains of A. euteiches are being isolated from farms and are afflicting even the most resistant cultivars. Quinn in interested in studying sulfur application as an alternative method of control, specifically in its possible toxic affect on A. euteiches and its ability to induce resistance in alfalfa by an unknown mechanism. If sulfur is proven effective at limiting A. euteiches, sulfur application could be a more inexpensive and comprehensive control option for farmers.

The Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships program provides support for undergraduates performing research in collaboration with a faculty member on campus.